Sarah Quigley
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TMI is published by Dutton Books (an imprint of Penguin). TMI is my first young adult novel.

Friends call Becca the Overshare Queen, but her tendency for TMI never seemed like a problem to her until she blabs about her sweet band-geek boyfriend's sloppy kisses&mdash and gets dumped! Realizing it may be better to resist the temptation to overshare face-to-face, Becca decides to blog anonymously about everything instead. On her blog, Too Much Information, Becca unleashes her alter ego, Bella. Bella tells it like it is... though perhaps with a bit more more drama. After all, no one's going to read it, right?

"Becca's blogalicious missteps and triumphs will keep you cringing and laughing all the way through!"
--Kieran Scott, author of Geek Magnet and I Was A Non-Blonde Cheerleader

"Quigley has created a charming and wholly believable narrator in the hapless but well-meaning Becca...Realistic details of teen social life in a small Midwestern town round out this...very entertaining offering."
--Booklist Reviews

"Laugh-out-loud funny."
--Kirkus Reviews